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3rd Div Team ‘B’

Coach: Chris Lumsden, Nick Belmar, Craig McLaren

Killer Beez Assemble!!!!

Repeat anyone?

As you may have heard, there have been some changes to the structure of the BCRU for this season. There are no more half seasons and this year the 3rd Division will run as one full season from September to May. Additionally, playoff eligibility has also been changed; each player must participate in 1/3 of all regular season games in order to be eligible for playoffs.

But there is good news: We get to re-live our glory days twice as much with some of the sweetest dudes to ever grace the hollowed grounds of Klahanie! We will get to build off of what we started last year.

So this is a Call to Swarms! The Killer Beez will be run much the same as last year.   We will have light training Thursday nights which will include a bit of touch and an unopposed team session.  Saturdays, we have 16 scheduled games, 8 before Christmas and 8 after. One of the keys to our success last year, was sheer numbers. We are hoping that everyone from last year will be able to commit in some capacity. We recognize that most us will not be able to make every game.

Players who are interested in playing should contact Craig directly at  craigwmclaren@gmail.com or show up to training at 7:30pm on Thursday nights.